Client Deliverables

SEO Site Audit:

Completed in the initial stages of bringing on a new client and delivered as a free service to the prospective client. The SEO Site Audit will reveal areas on a prospective client’s website where we can help make improvements and have a positive impact on the search engine rankings. Takes 48 to 72 hrs to complete and deliver.

Keyword Strategy & Competitive:

Completed soon after client signs the work authorization. Keywords are discussed with client during the intake process and the Keyword Strategy is finalized within 72 hrs of signing the work authorization. The document will list the agreed upon targeted keywords along with metrics like search volume, difficulty and benefit scores to show where there is potential to produce an ROI quickly. A competitive market analysis with also be completed with the keyword strategy to give us and the client a good gauge of what needs to happen to catch the top competitors.

Website Optimization:

With the keyword strategy approved, the next deliverable is recommendations for optimizing the targeted landing pages on their website. Client’s websites may vary in size, so the optimizations will only be for the targeted pages from the keyword strategy. The optimizations will be laid out in an additional tab in the keyword strategy spreadsheet and then the updated spreadsheet will be sent to the client. Delivery time depends on the number of targeted landing pages but the average time will be 72 hrs.

Content Generation and Linking:

This deliverable is a document that will continually be updated. It will be used to track content ideas, writing, internal linking and completion. It will also track inbound links we have been able to acquire to the content we produced for the client. This document will be started with the website optimizations.


We will provide clients with reports that will be updated on a weekly basis. Keywords will begin to be tracked immediately after completing the keyword strategy and getting approval from the client. Reports will be reviewed with the client one week after completing the keyword strategy and regular reporting calls will be arranged with clients on a monthly basis after the first call.